Upcoming Events

Ski Jumping Exhibit

Wednesday December 19 - Sunday February 17
Salisbury Association, 24 Main Street

The Salisbury Association Community Events Committee and the Salisbury Winter Sports Association reprise the popular exhibit on ski jumping in Salisbury. Come see photos and text illuminating the exciting sport and its history in Salisbury. A reception celebrating the exhibit and SWSA's Jump Camp will be held December 27 from 5-7. At the Academy Building, 24 Main Street, open weekdays and Saturdays from 10-1.

Geoffrey Brown: The Lakeville Crucifix

Saturday February 16, 4:00 PM
Scoville Memorial Library

The Lakeville Crucifix incident was page-one news in the New York Times in the 1880s, and is the subject of a new book by local historian Geoffrey Brown. It was called a "religious war," and was part of the collision of events occurring at the time: major changes in the Roman Catholic Church, Irish immigration, the New England Puritan tradition, and the changing social and political structure of post-Reconstruction New England. Geoffrey Brown has written several books about Connecticut history and is active in many local organizations. His talk is co-sponsored by the Scoville Memorial Library and the Salisbury Association Historical Society.

The Mountain Lion Returns

Friday February 22, 7:00 PM
Houstonic Valley Regional High School, 246 Warren Turnpike Road, Falls Village

Join us for a magnificently iIlustrated presentation by wildlife researcher Sue Morse. Mountain lions are not only being seen in eastern North America, some are attempting to recolonize their former ranges. Scientists have now documented mountain lion dispersal and even occupancy in a growing list of eastern states. Sue Morse has studied mountain lions in a broad diversity of habitats, from Alberta to the Arizona/Mexico border. She will discuss mountain lion biology and ecology, and give us the low-down on the latest confirmations of mountain lions in the east. Sponsored by the Salisbury Association, Audubon Sharon, Dutchess County Land Trust, Goshen Land Trust, Housatonic Valley Association, Norfolk Land Trust, Sharon Land Trust, and Weantinoge Heritage Land Trust.

Era of Elegance: Entertaining in the Gilded Age

Saturday February 23, 4:00 PM
Scoville Memorial Library

Join food historian Francine Segan for a lively discussion of entertaining during the Gilded Age - spanning the 1860's through WWI - a time of calling cards, horse-drawn coaches, afternoon tea, cotillions, lawn parties, and formal dinners. Learn fascinating details such as when one would give a lady a tulip instead of a rose, when was it proper to remove your gloves or tip your hat, why it was advisable to bring a bundle of sticks to a party, how to "unfriend" someone via calling card, and why one must have a nutmeg grater. Includes a trivia contest on the uses for now obsolete objects. Francine Segan is an expert on Italian cuisine and a James Beard-nominated author of six cookbooks. She appears regularly on TV for the Food Network, PBS, Discovery and History channels, and writes for numerous publications. Co-sponsored by the Scoville Memorial Library and the Salisbury Association's Community Events Committee.

Mark Mikolas: Recognizing Trees

Saturday March 9, 4:00 PM
Scoville Memorial Library

Learn about year-round tree identification with Mark Mikolas, author of "A Beginner's Guide to Recognizing Trees of the Northeast." The book is a friendly and approachable field guide that describes how to recognize trees at a glance, as foresters do. Signed books, featuring 40 tree species with photos and range maps, will be available for purchase. Co-sponsored by the Scoville Memorial Library and the Salisbury Association Land Trust.

Kathryn Schneider: From Birdwatcher to Birder

Saturday March 16, 4:00 PM
Scoville Memorial Library

Kathryn Schneider provides tips, guidance and encouragement for bird enthusiasts of all skill levels to explore the rich diversity of bird life. Includes wonderful photos along with suggestions for what binoculars to use, how to find birds, and ways to become a better birder. Schneider is the author of "From Birdwatcher to Birder: Moving Beyond your Bird Feeder," and currently co-chairs the Steering Committee for New York's Breeding Bird Atlas project. Signed books will be available for purchase. Co-sponsored by the Scoville Memorial Library and the Salisbury Association Land Trust.

Paul Rego: Black Bears

Saturday March 30, 4:00 PM
Scoville Memorial Library

Paul Rego is a wildlife biologist with Connecticut's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. He presents a discussion of the history and biology of the black bear in Connecticut, including black bear food habits, reproduction, winter denning and social organization. He explains strategies for reducing the likelihood of human encounters with bears, as well as current management and research being conducted. Co-sponsored by the Scoville Memorial Library and the Salisbury Association Land Trust.